Compatible Devices

Recommended Configuration

If you are purchasing new home automation hardware for use with Shion, we highly recommend that you purchase INSTEON hardware whenever possible. While X10 is cheaper overall, INSTEON devices use more recent technology and are more robust and fully featured. You can use X10 devices with an INSTEON controller, but not vice versa.

In our testing and development, we have found that Shion works best with the PowerLinc 2413 INSTEON controller when used with two or more INSTEON access points for improving the robustness of the local network.

Controllers supports the following controllers natively, without the need for additional software:

The following controllers require an additional software download to work with

(See the Getting Started page for installation details.)

Device Modules supports all X10 and INSTEON lamp and appliance modules, including these:

The following thermostats are currently supported:

The following sensors are ready for use with


In addition to home automation modules, can also use a Mac’s built-in iSight or other camera to keep a photo log of a given area. Furthermore, is able to use built-in and external Apple modems to record incoming phone calls and the associated CallerID details.

Other Modules’s support for other device modules and controllers is constantly expanding and we’re eager to hear from you regarding which new devices should be on the top of our priority list. To register a request, please send us an e-mail (