Home automation is an exciting technology that incorporates a number of systems on a variety of levels, from high-level scripting components to low-level communication on the power lines. Unfortunately, sometimes parts of the system misbehave. This page is a collection of tips for identifying and addressing a variety of problems. This is by no means complete, so please feel free to e-mail us if you have a problem not addressed on this page.


Software Issues

Shion won’t start.

You may have a corrupted binary. Download a fresh copy and try again.

Shion won’t quit. (Even Force Quit fails!)

Unplug the USB connection to the controller. (This is actually a hardware issue.)

Shion complains about an Indigo kernel extension.

Delete or move the file at


Reboot your computer and restart Shion.

There’s a delay between when I switch on a light using a remote and when the status is updated in Shion.

In default INSTEON configurations, Shion can send commands to devices without the need to link them to the PLC. However, while the PLC can send commands to the devices, it cannot listen to broadcast traffic from other devices (such as a LampLinc and RemoteLinc). To enable real-time synchronous updates, you must link each device with the PLC.

Typically, this involves holding down the SET button for 10 seconds on the device module (LampLinc, ApplicanceLinc) until the unit begin blinking. Then, hold down the SET button on the PLC until other device stops blinking.

For more specific instructions, refer to the devices’ manuals for instructions to link SwitchLincs and other kinds of modules. (Note that this information does not pertain to X10 devices.)

Hardware Problems

Shion is launched, but no controller is visible.

If you are using a USB powerline controller, please verify that everything is connected properly. If you are using a serial port device, check that the proper serial port is selected in the preferences.

If connections are not the issue, try unpowering the unit (unplug, wait a few seconds, plug back in) or resetting the PLC to its original factory state. The controller is visible, but no devices are responding.

Sometimes, the powerline network will “go down” and can be brought back by resetting any access points or phase couplers that are causing problems.

If access points have been reset and the problems persist, try resetting the controller.

If that fails, reset any lamp or appliance nodes.

Finally, if that doesn’t solve the problem, reset the controller to its factory state.

Miscellaneous Tips

Restore PowerLinc USB To Factory Settings

INSTEON PowerLinc 2414 USB Controllers:

  1. Unplug the PowerLinc for at least 10 seconds.
  2. While unplugged from the power, plug in the USB cable.
  3. While holding down the Set button, plug the PowerLinc into the wall.
  4. Continue to hold the Set button for at least 5 more seconds.
  5. Release the Set button.

The unit should blink while resetting and then return to normal. Once the device has been reset, reconnect it to the computer.