Shion 3.0β9

Shion 3.0β9 is now available.

Please read the following release notes carefully.

This is a beta release for Shion 3. This software is still under construction and has some rough edges. In no particular order, some of the current major issues:

1. The RemoteBuddy interface remains unimplemented.

2. The Bluetooth, and GPS  have not yet been implemented.

3. Sprinkler support is currently missing.

4. Changes in the device configuration from the preferences panel (modem & controllers) require an application restart to take effect.


This release fixes a handful of issues & adds support for TiVo DVRs within Shion and Shion Touch.

To add a TiVo to Shion, add it from the “Add” button on the lower-left, select Device: Other: TiVo Digital Video Recorder. An add menu will appear and Shion will attempt to locate the device using Bonjour. If the address does not automatically appear, please manually enter the device’s IP address (this can be found in the TiVo setup screens). You will also need to locate your Media Access Key from your account settings on the TiVo website.

The Tivo interface only displays recordings on the device. I have an API for emulating a TiVo remote control, but have held off in including it in the interface as I work out an appropriate interface. If controlling your TiVo from Shion (or Shion Touch) would be a useful feature, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, please submit any other feedback in the comments below.