Shion 3.0β10

Shion 3.0β10 is now available.

Please read the following release notes carefully.

This is a beta release for Shion 3. This software is still under construction and has some rough edges. In no particular order, some of the current major issues:

1. The RemoteBuddy interface remains unimplemented.

2. The Bluetooth and GPS devices have not yet been implemented.

3. Sprinkler support is currently missing.

4. Changes in the device configuration from the preferences panel (modem & controllers) require an application restart to take effect.


This release fixes a handful of issues (reenables PPC support) & adds support for iMeter Solo power meters. Add an iMeter Solo to your Shion setup using the Devices: Insteon: Power Meter Sensor under the Add (“+”) button in the lower-left. The iMeter Solo differs from the other Power Sensor (SynchroLinc) in that it provides the real-time power draw of a connected device instead of a binary On/Off status. In an upcoming release, I’ll be expanding support for real-time power meters by adding support for the TED 5000 series of devices.

Also, please submit any other feedback in the comments below.