Shion Environments: Air conditioned third floor (& iPhone app)

I’ve been running a bit behind in posting new Shion environment entries, but I was fortunate a couple of weeks ago to have one contributed by a user. Guillaume Boudreau had the problem of keeping his house cool, and decided to use Shion to help solve the problem:

“My central HVAC system has issues cooling down the 3rd floor of our house during the summer. Even with all 1st & 2nd floor traps closed, the system, which is in the basement, has difficulties cooling down the 3rd floor. The higher the exterior temperature, the higher the difference of temperature between the 1st and 3rd floors. The average difference is somewhere between 4 and 5°C, and I measured differences as high as 10°C in the beginning of the summer. That means if I set my (1st floor) thermostat to 23°C, the 3rd floor temperature can reach 33°C. Quite uncomfortable to watch TV or work at our desks / computers. Even more so since I installed a (ceiling-mounted) HD projector to replace our old plasma screen on the 3rd floor, where our home theater is setup. That thing will start making a lot of (fan) noise as the temperature climbs… And temperature can climb pretty fast at the highest point of the house!”

Read on to see how he solved this problem using Shion, an INSTEON ApplianceLinc, a portable air conditioner, and a custom-built iPhone app.