Shion + XMPP = Win

While I continue to add new devices to Shion’s vocabulary, work’s also been underway on new ways to control Shion remotely. Pictured below is part of an Adium dialog between myself and Shion:

Shion: XMPP via Adium

The foundation of this functionality is the XMPP protocol. XMPP is an open standard for exchanging XML between nodes on a (often worldwide) network. Shion is using XMPP as a channel for receiving and responding to commands transmitted remotely.

The screenshot above shows a text dialog conducted via Adium. I also plan on including a full XML-based API for those of you wishing to write remote apps to control your environment.

I’m very excited about this, so stay tuned for more developments and further information.

Update: Here’s an equivalent view using the BeeJive IM client on the iPhone:

Shion XMPP using BeejiveIM

I verified that it was working from home using a combination of Back to My Mac, screen sharing, and Photo Booth on my office machine.