Shion 3.0.1

Shion 3.0.1 is now available.


This release adds support for the new INSTEON Portable USB Adapter as well as fixes a variety of Lion-related display bugs as well as fixing issues using X10 lamp modules with PowerLinc controllers.

To support the new INSTEON Portable USB Adapters, I’ve added support for putting INSTEON modem controllers into ALL-Link mode from the controller interface. This includes the USB adapter as well as the 2412 & 2413 USB controllers. (This is not yet supported in the 2414 models.)

In my brief testing of the USB adapter, I came away very impressed with its responsiveness. It’s a great addition to an INSTEON network, with the only drawback being that it does not communicate with X10 devices.

In terms of the bug fixes, this release fixes a graphical issue that could arise whenever navigating away from a table view in Lion, as well as reenabling support for X10 lamp devices with INSTEON controllers. I made a minor mistake in a previous release that made these units unable to talk to each other.

I’ve also expanded the built-in INSTEON product database, so more recent devices should have their models automatically set properly now.

My priority for the next release is to revisit the SmartLinc 2414N controller and bring its performance up to par with the other INSTEON controllers.

Please submit any other feedback in the comments below.