Shion Touch is now live!

We’re finally live!

I received confirmation last night that Shion Touch had been approved by Apple and I verified that Shion Touch is now available on the iOS App Store. (It made it through the review process on its first try, which was a pleasant suprise.)

It’s certainly taken long enough, but I’m extremely pleased that I can share this with the wider world without having to subject potential users to the whole “lookup your UDID and mail it in” dance. So, if that’s been holding you back, you no longer have any excuse to not give the software a spin.

I also want to remind everyone that the entire Shion experience is free until the end of 2012 courtesy of Power2Switch, a local Chicago startup that specializes in helping Illinois customers find the cheapest and greenest electricity suppliers. Power2Switch’s sponsorship allows me to make all of this available gratis, so if you’re an INSTEON or X10 user, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving Shion a try. My hope is that you’ll like it enough to keep it or let me know what I can be doing better for the next customer.

This is an early step on a longer journey (I still need to conquer the Z-Wave beast), but I can’t express how happy I am to have this live after working on this (iPhone-based home automation) in one form or another since 2008.

Thanks again and enjoy!